i'm sidney
a 24 year old from the pacific northwest.
i studied abroad at ewha womans university in korea. now doing the teaching thing in seoul.

i post my stupid face, things i buy, pictures i take or draw and occasionally reblog something i'm into at that moment.
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timidly using tumblr again over here

i can’t be on tumblr all the time like i was, but i miss the interactions i use to have. fresh start (with a post complaining about my boyfriend l o l )

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3 year old roll of flim

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He JiaYing - 舞之憩

I love this painting a lot so here’s a photoset with the details.

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For everyone in need of cute animal things tonight. Porcupines make super duper adorable noises, and I know I’ve posted this particular porcupine before.

My friend shared this with me at the exact perfect time. I know he doesn’t care about cute animal things, so I appreciate that he went out of his way to give me this link.

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Underwater Disposable Camera from Maui

Film camera pictures, aka the beginning of Keunseok’s new obsession with film.

And also most of my favorite pictures from the trip.

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I “need” to go shopping because

I think I look pretty good naked but then I put clothes on and feel like a large poo in human apparel.

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Maui, Hawai'i

I have lost most of my tan already and wish I had more fresh air :( Where can I go lay out in the sun…???

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Public apology to defeatmenot :(

The medicine I’m taking made me so unexpectedly nauseous last night I abandoned her/wasnt able to meet up. I’m so sorry!!!!!! I feel awful and am akso really bummed we didn’t get to meet up. And I’m angry that I’m never given warnings about side effects for medication. I spent the night dry heaving in a cold sweat. ㅠㅠ

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i cant make this long enough to write a real blog post on it so i’m coming back to tumblr just for this but ok:

is it just me or have selfie’s gotten harder to take as the years go by. is it my horrific ageing process? the introduction of alcohol into my life? high quality cameras are just TOO HQ? is it really all about the bangs i refuse to get?

alternatively, i just tell myself i’m incredibly unphotogenic and am much more normal looking in person and do not actually resemble a pig turtle like this morning’s selca would suggest.

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i went to the "Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition"

if you were thinking about going, YOU SHOULD GO. if you like me and want to go, WE SHOULD GO TOGETHER.